… Just imagine, leaving your home to have dinner out. You place your automation system in AWAY mode and your interior house lights gradually extinguish, your exterior coach lamps automatically awaken to show you the way out, and your thermostats are placed in conservation mode awaiting your return.

At CSI, we design ‘Smart Homes’ – homes that can actually ‘think’ and respond to common events. A CSI Smart Home can turn off a vacuum or a hair dryer if a telephone rings! – just imagine – no more missed calls! In the event of a fire, a CSI Smart Home will automatically light a passage to the closest exit, turn off all furnaces, and alert the Fire Department all at the same time. …and how many times have you returned to a dark home? With a click of a button, you can open your garage door, disarm the security, light a path to your common areas, adjust your heat/cool, and automatically email a loved-one to let them know you’ve arrived home safely. Wow!

Our client base is predominantly affluent, and as such demand higher quality integration between the various systems’ integration we offer. All components are designed and implemented to be as intuitive as simply turning on a light switch!. If you are comfortable using an iPad or iPhone, then you’ll be able to master all the systems we typically install. When buying your last refrigerator, did you care about how it works? Of course not. You wanted a dependable appliance that will keep your food and beverages cold – that’s it! Our integration is very much the same as your refrigerator – it all works tirelessly in the background day after day with no complicated upkeep.

Hindsight is a funny thing! Do you remember buying your first car with power windows, intermittent wipers or even cruise control? With our integration, your home is effectively on Cruise control. Your lights, temperature and security, work in harmony with absolutely no effort on your part. Would you purchase your next car without cruise control? Probably not. You’ll find it difficult to return to a ‘conventional’ home after you’ve been spoiled with our integration.

If you have a project that you would like some intuitive security, energy management or even better lighting control, please call or email us. We can sit down with you and your architectural plans and show you all the latest (and greenest) technologies with absolutely no obligation. Should you want us to design a system for you, we can provide detailed AutoCAD drawings and share them with with your Architect.

Go ahead! give us a call.

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